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What is a Thesis Argument?

Nowadays, the research and writing process for one to complete an argumentative essay is never that easy. Yes, there are templates and guidelines available for one to follow to achieve the desired results. However, this should never be the only consideration that one applies when writing. Nowadays, it isn’t just any papers, as they require a person to stand up and propose an idea to their readers. It is crucial to first come up with a good topic. Thereafter, formulate a thesis statement and outline all the crucial points that are supposed to appear in the paper.

Once the topic has been selected and the desired points are identified, one is now expected to develop an argument and research into it. The argumentative essay paper is supposed to support and in support of the said idea. To draft this paper, you’ll need a wide range of knowledge in your field of study. Reading through a lot of texts is one of the most fundamental methods of coming up with a topic that you can thoroughly research for information.

To understand more about argumentative writing, you must be dedicated to research. You must spend your time gathering as much relevant information as possible. As such, it would be best if you started by understanding what is an argumentative essay. This is a paper presented to support one’s viewpoint, or more to the contrary, seek to argue against an idea presented in the paper.

Essentially, an argumentative paper looks for two things; i.e., facts and data. The data presented should either be in support of or against the writer’s viewpoint. Keeping this aspect in mind, it becomes simple to understand what is expected from a thesis in argumentative writing.

How to Structure an Argumentative Paper

As most of you know, an argumentative paper can come in different forms. You can write an essay where you take opposing sides, or you can present a paper that acknowledges a couple of points. In both cases, the goal is always to support and oppose an idea. Here is a clear breakdown of what an argumentative paper should contain;

  1. Thesis – the central argument that the writer proposes.
  2. Body – this is the section that comprises the main points from the thesis presented. However, you have to select only those points that are related to the main aim.
  3. Conclusion – you summarize the essay by recommending a stand. You can be either for or against the topic.

It is essential to understand that the purpose of writing an argumentative paper is not to convince a reader. If you are writing about opposing views, it would be best if you did this elsewhere. 

The primary objective is always to advocate your side to their readers. To do this, you must hold the other side responsible for the event or circumstance. You should only refute any positions taken by the writer regarding the topic. To achieve this, it is best if you hold yourself accountable for your actions.