Prepare the best presentation for seminar work

Preparing a great presentation doesn’t just mean writing a few bullets and putting a few pictures in the right place. If you want to create something really hilarious for what you will not be ashamed of, read the following 5 tips on how to prepare the best presentation.

Create a presentation for the audience

Before working on a presentation, think about what your audience will be like. In the case of a seminar paper, it will probably be your classmates who have similar or even the same focus as you. So you don’t have to control yourself too much and use professional terms. However, if someone from another discipline should appear in the audience, you need to customize the entire presentation. Make it easier and understandable for everyone.

You also need to realize that not everyone has the knowledge of the subject as you do. Therefore, use cautionary terms carefully. And if you’re not sure that the audience will understand them, explain them during the presentation.

Take your attention right from the start

At the beginning of the presentation, prepare something special that attracts the audience. But of course it should be a topic. You can ask a question, start a short video, show an interesting photo, or tell a story. Just something that the other will attract and at the same time bring them into the topic. In English, such an introduction is called “attention getter” and is an important part of perfect presentations.

Don’t forget the structure and content

Every presentation must have a logical structure, that’s a clear thing. But then you should also present it to your audience. Therefore, it is a good idea to add content to the top of the presentation to help others navigate the topic and your presentation. Better to understand what you are going to talk about and put them in perfectly. But what is definitely not the content is introduction and conclusion!

Less is sometimes more

One could also say, “Less text is sometimes more.” The main thing is your speech – what you say, not the bullets in your presentation. They only help the audience to better understand the presentation and understand the context. The presentation is also a great help to show your audience important pictures or charts. However, avoid reading text from prepared slides. All you have to say is in your head or on the auxiliary card, not in your presentation.

Choose the appropriate layout

In short, it is not advisable to combine some colors. For example, if you set a white background and a light gray font, the colors will blend and the text will not be readable. Therefore, choose colors carefully and do not try to experiment too much. Classic finishes – black on white – don’t spoil anything. Similarly, it does not pay off to use a background with distinctive patterns that make reading difficult.

Also, the font size, which should be proportional to the audience distance from the screen, is important in the presentation layout.